Residential Water Problem Solvers

Adams R O Reverse Osmosis is the most common water correction system in residential homes. We offer many solutions for the homeowner including the FM5000 Brochure, the FM5500M, and the Merlin.The FM5000, provides better than bottled water for your home. This particular model hides under the kitchen sink and comes complete with its own tap for easy access. While this is not a full house water purifier, it will save you money on pure water for food, ice cubes, clean water and more as it works at a fraction of the cost of traditional water purification systems and is far cheaper than bottled water. This R.O. is perfect for city or well water and has been used in Ocala, Gainesville, leesburg and Gainesville. We have even installed these in luxury tour buses.


Residential Uses For Purified Water
  • Drinking Water, Ice Cubes
  • Juices, coffee & tea
  • Cooking water
  • Low sodium diets
  • Auto batteries
  • Soup & Sauces
  • Steam irons
  • Weight loss diets
  • Aquariums
  • Baby formulas
  • Plants, Pets and Humidifiers

Filters and Housings

_last]Big Blue Brochure

Our Big Blue filters are excellent for the removal of a wide variety of contaminants including chlorine, Iron and sediment. They are designed for years of dependable service and minimum maintenance.

This diagram shows the regeneration flow path needed to recharge ion exchange media.

The Fleck 5600 control valve is a widely used economy control valve, ideal for back washing filter medias.  5600 Brochure

                                  The Logix control valve is becoming the industry standard for water softening applications. It has one of the best warranties on the market and with the camshaft operated design will perform for years.Performa 263 268 Product Profile 1223489 We have used this unit in lake city, High Springs and Palatka.